Orange County contractor Mike Harrah

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Orange County contractor Mike Harrah

Mike Harrah certainly stands out, if you take a look at the major real estate developers in Orange County.  Mike is in charge for the construction of some of Orange County’s for the most part stunning structures and the maintenance of some of her best architectural gems, although his appearance of 6’6 and weighs 276 lbs might not conjure up expectations of a real estate developer and CEO.  Lake Havasu City, actually his development of it, keeps on drawing tourists from around the world and the maintenance of the Events Center in Santa Ana and the Performing Arts, California reinforced Harrah’s role like a developer who is committed to the re-establishing the grandeur of Orange County’s capital city.

vMHIMGBy Building Industry magazine from 1980 to 1990, Mike is ranked  as one of the top twenty five B to B US contractors, and he is the President of Caribou Industries and controls 45 world class companies know for  executive aviation, premier real estate, hotel resorts, entertainment venues and five-star restaurants in California, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii. Caribou Industries has maintained its commitment, since its founding in 1989, and the commitment is ‘ Ensuring the Future and preserving the past’, all the way through the development of inner city venues and properties.

About developing his style.  In the 1960s, when Mike finished his high school, what he did was that he bought a one-way ticket to Hawaii, and his plan was to spend the rest of his life as beach bum.  What he did there was that he was picking pineapples for 66-cents an hour, and after that he decided to roll up the towel and go back to his home. He went to study architectural engineering at Cal State Long Beach and worked framing homes in Anaheim Hills and Orange Park Acres. In 1971, Mike mad his first big break. Mike used his weekends and nights to build an 11,000 square foot home, and then he sold it for $925,000.

About making his mark.  After Mike has sold his first project, he combined his work ethic with a developer’s vision and began making his mark on the western United States and the southern California landscape. He had begun with apartment complexes in Riverside. He has built restaurants, hotels, luxury condominium towers and shopping malls. Featured projects consist of Orange County Performing Arts Center, Santa Ana;  Lake Havasu – the London Bridge Resort, Arizona; The Pinnacle, Honolulu.

About transforming Santa Ana. The transformation of Santa Ana -Orange County’s largest city, has been one of Mike’s trademark investments. He has been able to rescue the city from urban blight by purchasing large portions of the urban landscape, and by renovating historic and vacant buildings then leasing them to state, local and federal government tenants, he has been directly linked to the fifty percent of the crime decrease seen as he began modernizing buildings. There was a new arts district boasts restaurants, entertainment venues and galleries and his proposed thirty seven story office tower
at One Broadway Plaza will be a pride and joy in the city’s renewal.  One Broadway Plaza will be the tallest building in Orange County and will feature gourmet restaurants, green building components, heliport and street-level retail.